Hi babes, I’m Samantha! Owner of Skindul

My Story

Samantha Marshall
Master Esthetician & Owner of
Awaken I Skin

As a licensed Master Esthetician with 12+ years experience, I have a true and long-standing passion for skincare. I specialize in advanced treatments such as micro-needling, and am a certified Qi Beauty practitioner where quantum physics meets esthetics. Both personally, and as an Esthetician, I love to blend holistic, energetic, and scientific practices for maximum and well-rounded benefits. The fields of neuroscience and epigenetics show us that we have a much deeper potential for healing, and inspires me to continue down the path of treating the skin with these potentials in mind.

In the beginning of my career I performed treatments in a laser clinic,  then ran state exams for Master Esthetician's to become licensed in the state of Utah, and later manufactured and assisted in formulating for an all-natural skincare company. I used this diverse background, and took my passion and refined technique and opened Skindulgence Spa in 2011. In 2020 I changed names to Awaken | Skin to truly align my business with my heart and soul. This name represents who I am and strive to be, as well as what I am focused on achieving in skincare. Every treatment and ingredient I use is meant to awaken your cells to restore healthy function, leaving you with thriving, youthful, and beautiful skin.

I believe in striving to live in the most authentic, conscious, and loving way we can, both with ourselves and others. And I see the commitment to the health of our skin as such a sacred ritual of self love, where we get to intentionally show up for ourselves. Awaken, my love.

Xo, Samantha