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Hi I’m Samantha, a Master Esthetician of 14 years and the owner of Awaken skin. I have a unique and whole-hearted love for blending holistic and scientific skincare. I strive to optimize results by using the best of both of these worlds, as well as considering the energetics within the body. The fields of neuroscience and epigenetics show us that we have a much deeper potential for healing and this inspires me to continue down the path of treating the skin with these potentials in mind. I specialize in advanced treatments such as Micro-Needling, and I am a certified Qi Beauty™ practitioner which is an innovation in skincare- where quantum physics meets esthetics. 


Every treatment and ingredient I use is intentional and meant to awaken your cells to restore full, healthy function-leaving you with thriving, radiant skin. I carry Osmosis Beauty, a holistic skincare and wellness line rooted in the science of the skin-body connection, targeting the root cause of common concerns such as aging, hyperpigmentation, acne, psoriasis, etc. This line was created by a holistic doctor with the skin's microbiome in mind. It is holistically healing, with non-toxic, non-harming, clean ingredients. It contains pharmaceutical-grade, patented, clinically proven formulas, with an advanced delivery system that the cell recognizes and accepts in. All of this means you'll have higher functioning cells with far greater results.


Awaken Skin is an extension of who I am. Always evolving and striving for more. Let’s awaken your skin together.

Xo, Samantha

Samantha Marshall
Master Esthetician & Owner of
Awaken I Skin

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